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The Gap, Inc., commonly known as Gap Inc. or Gap, (stylized as GAP) is an American worldwide clothing and accessories retailer.


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Retail Associate says

"Sales goals can be a bit high as far as getting people to apply for Gap Cards, usually 2 per shift. When most people who shop at the Gap already have them or have already applied and not gotten approved. Rotating between Gap, GapBody, and GapKids can be annoying. You usually find your groove in one location and do really well there, then when they rotate you to a different part of the store your performance drops. Clothes are constantly moving around the store so sometimes it's hard to keep track of where certain items are, especially if you haven't worked in that particular section in a couple of weeks. They require you to do what they call "figure 8's" around your floor, basically you can't just stand behind the counter or at the front to greet, you constantly have to be walking around to appear busy and deter people from shoplifting. It looks better when you walk in to see employees walking around but when you work early morning and have had no customers and there's nothing to fold or put away it gets really tiring and annoying. Managers weren't too clear on dress code, I was told if it looks like something we would sell you can wear it. Tennis shoes can only be converse, no open toed shoes unless its summer. So after working there for a few months and wearing jeans/skirts and dress tops/graphic tees I was suddenly told I wasn't allowed to wear graphic tees unless they were promoting a certain brand i.e. the (Red) brand, but was never told that prior, kind of embarrassing. They also have you try on every type/style/fit of jean and have in depth conversations with you about why that's your favorite and why it's better. Which can be helpful when selling them to customers, but kind of awkward when they ask where you usually buy your jeans and why you don't own Gap jeans (my reason was because I wore a 16, and most of their jeans don't go that high) which was humiliating to say in front of all my co-workers on the sales floor during a work day. The window staff (people who decorate and set up displays in the store) were very very rude and would hardly ever talk to retail employees. When they would be out on the floor decorating and a customer would ask for help they would just tell them it's not their job and they needed to find someone walking around. You are required to always be on call, so if you're scheduled for the day off and someone calls in and they call you, you're expected to come in and cover. Which makes having a personal life really difficult. You also have to call ahead to let them know you won't be there 4 hours in advance. So when you're scheduled for 9am (I worked in a mall location) I had to wake up at 5 and call, when no one would answer you just have to keep calling until one of the managers get there to take your call. If you consistently don't meet gap card requirements you have to go to "gap card rehab" where you are required to come in on your day off (while not getting paid) and watch videos on tutorials of how to get more gap cards. When the issue isn't the employees not asking (you have to ask at least 3 times, even if the customer says no. you are required to ask 2 more times) it's where they place you at what time and how busy you are. There were several days I worked in gap kids and got 10+ gap cards, then worked at gap body at 11am and had 1 customer my entire shift. I had my son after I'd worked there for awhile and my manager was on vacation when I found out and told everyone, so when she came back I assumed she knew but I never worked with her and never got a chance to talk to her about it, so when I finally worked with her she came over to me while I was working and asked if I was pregnant and I said yes, I thought she knew since the other managers did. A couple of weeks later I found a cyst in the bottom of my foot and requested to be able to stand still while working if we weren't busy and was told I wouldn't have to walk as many figure 8's but still needed to move most of the time. After that happened they stopped working me at gapkids(where i usually worked and performed really well) and moved me over to gapbody and had me working weekedays from 9am-1pm (when no one was shopping for bras and panties) so my performance started to slip, then when I would receive my email with my schedule it said off every day, I wasn't due for another 3 months (June), when I called to talk to the manager about why I suddenly wasn't scheduled, she was never in and never returned my calls. When I went in to get my check she wasn't there either. Went to the store a couple of times to shop and see if she was there but she never was. After I had my son I called to find out when I could come back to work and never got called back by anyone. I got schedules until September and could still use my discount, but wasn't allowed to work. And eventually I just stopped trying to work and they eventually stopped sending me schedules and cancelled my employee card."

Call Center Representative (Current Employee) says

"Very hard to learn due to COVID. All training was remote, and difficult to understand. Constantly getting yelled at by customers on a daily basis is extremely exhausting. Especially when you’re unable to help them. This job is extremely discouraging and immediately looking for something else. If you like call centers and getting yelled at. This is the job for youWork from homeEverything else"

Inbound Receiver (Former Employee) says

"Not a good place to work. They run you rugged there. They never really cared for their employees and if you where late they would run your points into the ground."

Stock Associate (Former Employee) says

"Take away a from working at this specific location: - stock manager was a rude, disrespectful, snooty and incompetent person - management could care less about resolving issues related to any negative work experiences - they enforce no talking while working early morning shifts as they think it’s too distracting - there was obvious favouritism for employees who had preferred availability and have worked there for longer (if you’re a parent and need to care for your young children, they’ll accommodate you at first, but will suddenly stop giving you shifts or cancel last minute hoping you’ll just get fed up and quit)Some employees were enjoyable to work withManagement SUCKS"

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"Horrible work schedule! Management is not the best.. Felt harassed half the time and felt extremely stressed out most of the time...!id come home extremely exhausted and overwhelmed Nice coworkersHorrible pay"

Picker (Former Employee) says

"Stay far away from this place as possible, the future of this company is in big trouble!!! There’s nothing nice to say about the way this place is run by the management or the micro management. Stay far away from this place as possible. When the ship is going down don’t stick around to be on it, you’ll be sorry!"

Warehouse Worker (Former Employee) says

"Like most big, rearward thinking corporations the Gap is only into maintaining the status quo which is tantamount to slavery. Only work here if desperate.nonehelping prop up the shytestem"

Brand Associateass (Former Employee) says

"So bad environment and always shouting for no reason They always yelling to the associat it was so bad experince in this company. I never see something like that in my current company at allNaNa"

Garment Merchandiser (Former Employee) says


Proactive Monitoring Analyst (Current Employee) says

"If you see a Help Desk technician urgently hiring thats because a bunch of people quit! They treat their employees like caca and some managers sleep with employees so that those employees will get a better position"

Sto (Former Employee) says

"They force you to come in and work 12 hour days. How can you have a life outside of work when you are working for over half the day. That’s about everything you need to know about that horrible job"

Merchandise Handler (Current Employee) says

"This place is a joke, they keep the workers who threaten other workers with witnesses around( all they get is a written warning) and fire the ones who work hard everyday. Management is also horrible. It’s only a couple of them who actually care, the people in HR are disgusting too, they act concerned but they’re fake!! I wouldn’t recommend this place at all. If you value yourself, stay away!!"

Shipments/floor (Former Employee) says

"I Didn't Like It At All , Well It Was iight. I Just Didn't Get Along With One of The Manager At All. She Always Had Something To Say Me For No Reason. And I Was An Excellent Working Also."

Customer Service Associate (Former Employee) says

"I’ve never worked at a place that requires you to need a doctors note so you can use the bathroom when you’re not on a break! I had several accidents working here because you get reprimanded if you’re not taking enough calls. I went through several supervisors here, they don’t give schedule changes as promised and the .06 cent raise was a slap in the face! They require you to do mandatory overtime and will schedule you when they want to and if you can’t show up then you’re gonna get in trouble! They’ll hire new people and pay them much more than you and give them the schedules people are fight for! I don’t recommend working here!"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"* They have a five minute call rule which makes it impossible to provide good customer service and meet the adherence matrix. They lie about conversion, they lie about how many hours you get after training. The supervisors all tell you something different, high stress, impossible guidlines, no family balance."

Picker/Packer/Shipper (Current Employee) says

"No way to get ahead. Hard work management and supervisors are only concerned about themselves building are old and dirty. No air conditioning and not enough fans."

Retail Associate (Former Employee) says

"Regular retail job, they hire seasonal and cut permanent employees hours. You could work here years and never move up, minimum wage and poor benefits. Good if you're in high school but other than that would not recommend"

Bilingual Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Last year I was getting paid minimum wage and $1 extra for being bilingual & now people who are not bilingual are getting paid the same as I am. I have talked to HR multiple times but they have done nothing. I’m still waiting to hear something from them. This is very disappointing"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Unbalanced multicultural districts with unfair treatment and discriminatory acts towards leaders of color Non recognition for same work for leaders of color as leaders of non color recognition givenBasicTo many to list"

Technical Support Analyst I (Former Employee) says

"I've never been so disappointed in a company. They don't care how much hard work you put in. They don't care about your own mental health issues. They don't care you have a mentally disabled child on top of that to take care of. All they care about is money and the appearance of a full call center. It doesn't matter you exceeded the stats over all for the month. Or one of the strongest analysts on the team. If your chair isn't filled, they don't care about you and that's just poor business.I meet some really good fellow analystsManagement dosen't care, no sick days, you pay 100% of insurance, no PTO, and negativity everywhere"

Merchandise Handler (Current Employee) says

"If you decide to speak up you may as well resign or just prepare yourself for the retaliation and bullying type behavior from whom ever you complained against when it comes to management. The company makes it very clear there management team is all they are concerned about and willing to protect at all cost. They have no respect for there workers unless you fall under a specific ethnicity. It is is demeaning they will falsify statements without making you aware of anything documented always record.record evrything for your oqn protection. Racism is alive!!!"